Let go and let flow.

Living to love and allowing The Lord to lead me into His wonderful will for my life. This blog is filled with my thoughts, my poetry, the songs of my heart, and anything that brings a smile to my face. Be blessed :)


Listening to Sade reminds me of Love. I just love love. Her music reminds me of Christopher. His gentle spirit. Yet he is such a strong, powerful man. But his heart is the sweetest thing. And I think about how God gave him to me. How God has told me, over and over again, to keep him close. And to love him. And to allow him in. I’m such a lone ranger. I have been so used to doing things for myself, by myself. And Christopher has shown me what it means to let a man take care of me. Do things for me. And not because he has to. But just because he wants to. God can give you wonderful things. Wonderful love. If you just trust him and his timing. A lot of the times, what we need doesn’t come to us in the way we expect it to. With God, the package and what’s in it is better than anything we could conjure up ourselves. I couldn’t have found a better man on my own. And it wasn’t like I was looking. Man…I wasn’t even looking and God placed him right into my path. He’s my heart. Thank you, Lord for a beautiful love. And thank you, Sade, for giving me something, finally, to relate to and understand.

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